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Inviting colleagues

Learn how to invite colleagues into your Snapyr Organization and Workspaces

You will find the link to open our Invitation modal at the bottom of the left-side main navigation bar:


Clicking on Invite Guests will open a popup with two sections.

First is the Invite Guests screen:


To invite colleagues to join you as fellow "guests" of Snapyr, just type in their email, select the role you would like them to have (Campaign Designer, Workspace Manager, or Organization Administrator), and the choose the Workspaces inside your Organization that you want them to have access to. Once this is done, simply click "Invite" and your colleague will receive an email from us to log them in to Snapyr.


The second screen is your Guest Directory:


Here you can keep track of everyone in your Organization and the Workspaces they have access to. Before inviting a colleague, you may want to search for them in the Directory first to make sure they need access.